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Besides informing about Canadian Studies Conferences, interesting Teacher Training Seminars School Exchanges and new developments concerning classroom activities - recent publications of school materials, new links, etc. - this site also intends to provide information about cultural activities focussing on Canadian writers, artists, musicians, but also on readings, theatre productions etc.

- Bremen Institute of Canada and Québec Studies (BICQS)
Recently, the University of Bremen has joined the universities, which highly support and host Canadian and Québec Studies:
"The aim of the BICQS is to encourage and support Canada and Québec studies within participating disciplines as well as between them, both in the curriculum and in research. At the same time, it aims to promote and intensify the exchange of ideas at all levels, i.e. between university professors, lecturers, researchers and research groups, young researchers and students. It also aims to present research results to a wide public audience. Finally, the BICQS will provide the opportunity for contacts within Canadian and Quebecois culture, and for conveying knowledge about Canada and Quebec through events and publications."

- A summer Experience .... à la Montréal
Training Program for Teachers of French
Teachers of French as a Foreign Language (FFL) with a mother tongue other than French, teaching at the secondary / high school or university level.
This training Program is also open to graduating students in Education/Teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL)
Université du Québec à Montréal

- Geography in the classroom
Teachers, who would like to deal with Canadian topics in their lessons will find indispensable and excellent information, suggestions and materials in "Virtual Geography Texts" (VGT). This useful site has been recently updated. See also this homepage under classroom/Geography
VTG - Braunschweig (D), Marburg (D), Waterloo (CDN)

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