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Virtual Geography Texts
Teachers, who would like to deal with Canadian topics in their lessons will find indispensable and excellent information, suggestions and materials in "Virtual Geography Texts" (VGT), a project developed by the universities of Marburg and Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo as well as the Georg-Eckert-Institut. This website offers texts, teaching units and an interactive quiz in German to the the following topics: "landeskundlicher Überblick", "Stadt / Wirtschaft", "Umwelt / Resourcen" and "Kulturlandschaftsent-wicklung".
VTG - Braunschweig (D), Marburg (D), Waterloo (CDN)

The National Atlas of Canada
This Internet site offers and introduces to a wide variety of maps, information, lesson plans and research material on numerous aspects concerning Canadian Geography.
Atlas of Canada Site
Canadian Geographic Magazine
Besides informing about the different issues and topics of this magazine, this site also offers a variety of illustrative material and information.
Canadian Geographic online

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