Finding about about Québec's history, language, culture etc.

This extensive site, designed by Manfred Overmann from the Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg, Germany offers an abundance of information and links.
Le Québec et l'Amérique du Nord

New France New Horizons - On French Soil in America
A vast research tool on the history of the French presence in America
New France New Horizons

About Québec
This site is from the government of Québec.
Le Québec en un clin d'oeil

Ressources utiles sur le Web
This is a useful source of information provided by the Bibliothèque nationale de Québec.
Recherche pour le Québec

The Universty of Dresden is a centre for francophone studies.
More information, poetry, background knowledge to the Acadians

Newspapers from Québec
Three daily newspapers from Montréal
La Presse
Le Devoir
Montréal Gazette
One daily newspaper from the capital of Québec
Le Soleil
One weekly newspaper from capital of Québec

Littérature québécoise
This site offers bibliographical, biographical and additional information on almost 1000 Québec authors.
Littérature de Québec

Le chanson du Québec
This site introduces to a multitude of aspects "Le Chansoin de Québec".
Chanson du Québec

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