The Métis
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Resource Centre

Gabriel Dumont Institute
(of Native Studies and Applied Reasearch)
Mission statement: To promote the renewal and the development of Métis culture through research, materials development, collections and the distribution of those materials and the development and delivery of Métis-specific educational programs and services.
Gabriel Dumont Institute.

The Métis National Council in Ontario.
Governing body of the Métis National Council in Ontario. The web site offers information on the organization as well as the history and culture of the Métis in Canada.
Métis Nation

The Métis National Council
The Métis National Council is the national representation of the Métis Nation in Canada.
Métis Nation Council

The Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre
The Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre provides information on such cultural elements as recipes, history and genealogy. It also offers, for example, Michif language lessons, etc.
Métis Nation Resource Centre

Kid's page - Library and Archives Canada's website-
This Website is a Library and Archives Canada's website. Its educational resources provide written materials specifically for children in grades four to six on the topic of Canadian settlement communities. We have conducted a study of provincial and territorial curricula to identify the best curricular fit, and have provided a full teaching unit with an evaluation rubric. This teaching resource uses the site's interactive games, and includes both individual and group activities. This site's settlement theme has curriculum tie-ins to history, national identity, human rights, culture, multiculturalism, language arts and geography.
Collection Canada

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