Literature - Anthologies

Brandes, K./Renné, R., (eds.), 1998, Materialien Handbuch Englisch, Bd. 5, Man and Woman in Society, Köln: Aulis Verlag, This textbook for grades 11-13 contains excerpts from two novels: Margaret Atwood, "The Robber Bride“ and Margaret Laurence, "The Stone Angel“.
Düsterhaus, G., (ed.) 1985, Growing up on the Prairies: Grund-und Leistungskurse, München: Hueber Verlag
Düsterhaus, G./ Franzbecker,R., (eds.) 1987, Canada - Regions and Literature", TEAS, Bd.20, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, (Teacher Manual).
Kuester, M., (ed.) 1995, Canadian Studies: A Literary Approach, Universitätsverlag Dr. N. Brockmeyer: Bochum.
Rau, A., (ed.) 1991, Glimpses of Canada, TAGS, Frankfurt: Cornelsen Hirschgraben, (Teacher Manual).

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